Celldex Therapeutics was founded based on a fundamental scientific belief that harnessing the power of immune system would break significant barriers in drug development for a variety of devastating diseases. Our scientific philosophy is derived from longstanding roots in the antibody and immunotherapy field that have led to breakthrough technologies both at Celldex and in previous companies, including Medarex (acquired by the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company), from which Celldex was spun out in 2005.

Our pipeline is comprised of antibody-based therapies and other protein-based therapeutics that modulate the immune system or directly target tumors. We believe our programs have a higher probability of success because they target specific markers or pathways in the disease or in the immune response to the disease. And due to our specific target approach, we are able to develop companion diagnostics designed to help us best define patient populations most likely to benefit from therapy. Our programs are specifically aimed at patient populations with high unmet medical need—including many underserved or completely un-served orphan indications.

One of the important merits of immunotherapy has been the long term clinical benefit achieved in some patients. As we look to the future of immunotherapy, we believe the next great challenge for the field is to translate the greatest benefit to the largest population of patients possible. We believe this hurdle will be crossed successfully through the use of novel combination approaches that seek to leverage the power of the immune system across multiple levels. Many of our clinical programs seek to do so by combining therapeutic approaches to maximize their potential. Critical to this strategy is our ability to understand and exploit our own assets while also identifying promising external technologies that will complement it. Celldex draws upon a number of core technologies to design targeted therapeutic candidates that seek to leverage the power of the immune system to fight disease. Our programs encompass validated technologies such as fully human antibodies, important and proprietary disease related molecules and natural human proteins that can be exploited for specific therapeutic applications. Our comprehensive approach provides us with a unique capacity to tackle human diseases based on the newest scientific understanding and technologies.

For an in-depth scientific review of our programs, view our scientific publications and presentations.